Kurri Kurri Co-Operative Society Ltd

P.O. Box 582, Warrnambool. Victoria. 3280

Chair: Anne Marantelli

Secretary: Dr. John Sherwood

UPDATED February 2019

Designed by Kevin Sparrow



Kurri Kurri successfully purchased and has maintained a site in Naringal and today retains an enthusiastic membership of 120 shareholders. 

If you would like to know more about the Kurri Kurri Co-Op Society or would like to join the society contact us at: P.O.BOX 582, Warrnambool, 3280  or email Secretary at jsher@deakin.edu.au

New Members are Welcome - Shares are available now. Minimum 250 shares @ $1 each

From out of the ashes of the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983, like a phoenix, was born the Kurri Kurri Co-operative.

With a name derived from the Aboriginal expression for "the very first", a group of like-minded people set out to purchase remaining pockets of bushland, often close to national parks and reserves, to prevent their development. These blocks also preserve a valuable source of local flora and fauna for future generations.